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Tactical Taekwondo

Tactical Taekwondo is Manitoba’s premier WTF Taekwondo school featuring both traditional Martial Arts and Olympic Taekwondo.

2023 Competition Team

Tactical Tae Kwon Do
Tactical Tae Kwon Do

In January, 2023 Tactical Taekwondo will again be issuing invitations to join the competition team. This team competes in local events, national events and with our higher level athletes, international events. If you are interested in being considered for this program, please see Master Kate.

Internationally Certified Instructors

Tactical Taekwondo is spearheaded by Master Kate Nosworthy. However, each instructor at Tactical Taekwondo brings their own area of special interest and skills that get passed on to each student.
Tactical Taekwondo in Winnipeg guarantees multiple instructors on the floor each day to provide all students with small group instruction.

Our Program

Our program has improved self-esteem, self-confidence and self discipline. Tactical Taekwondo offers classes 5 days per week, (not 2) to insure faster progress! We welcome everyone who is looking to learn competitive Tae Kwon Do, Street Self-Defense or just to improve their fitness level.

Instructors are internationally certified by the Kukkiwon.

Free Introductory Session

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